Welcome to the new Jewelcad Design, CadJewelryDesign website! We are a service company that specializes in precision custom jewelry design through CAD CAM modeling and prototyping. Our site is for jewelers who want to offer jewelry cad design, cad jewelry, cad cam jewelry design.

1. Cad Jewellery Design Background
Jewelcad Design Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company with partnership with a local 3d cad jewelry company. It has a close relationship with the 3d cad programs and its aim is to develop a better CAD/CAM software for the benefit of the 3d designs Industry. Its flagship product JewelCAD is a 3D free-form surface modeler providing powerful modeling tools for creating artistic and stylish designs. Jewellery CAD/CAM was founded in 1992 and JewelCAD was firstly developed in 1990. At that time, JewelCAD was written in Silicon Graphics Graphics Library and can only be run on Silicon Graphics platforms. In 1994, JewelCAD was rewritten as a completely new version and ported onto PCs. It now runs perfectly well on MS Windows environment and supporting OpenGL.

In 2008, we have started working out the next generation of JewelCAD and we named it as JewelCAD Pro. It is a complete new software and all the further development will be put in this software.

Our distributors spread over the world including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. More than four thousand of licenses have been sold to both commercial sites and institutes.

JewelCAD Pro Ltd. will hold the new product JewelCAD Pro and it will continue to improve the efficiency and productivity of the design and manufacturing process in the Jewellery Industry. It will also work with the Industry to provide more industry specific functions and advanced automation functions in JewelCAD Pro.

2. Cad for Jewellery Awards
In 2000, JewelCAD got the Hong Kong Award for Industry: Machinery and Equipment Design Certificate of Merit.

3. Jewelcad Design Development
JewelCAD Pro is being worked out by JewelCAD Pro Ltd. It will work closer and listen to the suggestions from the Industry and continue to develop more advanced modeling functions specially for Jewellery design. In addition, more multimedia type training materials for basic design concept, skills and techniques will also be worked out.
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jewelry design, jewelry master model, and jewelry CAD CAM
jewelry design, jewelry master model, and jewelry CAD CAM
jewelry design, jewelry master model, and jewelry CAD CAM